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Interior design project-

From the moment you read this you will be a witness, a participant, as well as an inspiration, you will be, from now on, a part of not only the process, but a part of our story. Welcome.

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1. Agreement on the terms of cooperation and signing the Contract.

We work according to the contract, which specifies in detail all stages of work, conditions and terms.  The contract also includes a pre-filled brief from the Client.

Show us examples of related interiors and together we will choose the style of the future house. At this stage we discuss categories of furniture brands and agree on the budget of realization.

You can tell us in more detail about your dreams and wishes with the help of the brief-questionnaire. It is easy and pleasant. We have specially developed it for our clients so that you pay attention to all the important aspects of the future interior and the whole family will enjoy the process.

2. Moodboards

We are preparing a presentation album, which will show similar style, decor, furniture and materials that we will use in the 3D scenes. A mood board is necessary for the Client to understand the general mood, style and atmosphere of future interiors. 

3. Planning 

We start work with the design of several variants of planning solutions. Each of them will be as functional as possible, so you will have to choose the one that suits you best.

4. 3D visualizations

We will show photorealistically every significant corner of your space. You will feel the atmosphere, you can 100% feel yourself inside the future home. It's like seeing the future, touching your dreams for the first time so clearly and reverently.


5. Technical drawings

We will draw every node, plan, element, detail. Where and how many outlets, from where these or those lights are switched on. We will think how to make everything as convenient and efficient as possible. We will provide all plans, sections, elevations, drawings of custom furniture, so that the builders have no questions in the process of construction.

6. Budget

We will calculate the completion of the project by blocks: decoration, furniture, appliances, plumbing, electrics, textiles, decor. We will stay within the agreed budget.

7. Final project

Present the project to you and hand over the drawing book to the builders. We will congratulate you on the completion of the project and make sure to ask you if you enjoyed the process and how comfortable you were. It is important for us to hear your impressions.

Project example-

Interior design project includes:

1. Mooboard

2. Furniture layout

3. 3d interior visualizations

4. Technical Drawings

5. Budget


The project is the basic and main idea of the future interior. The most interesting part begins at the realization stage. It is a multifaceted process involving dozens of professionals - from builders to furniture makers, from suppliers of finishing materials to curators of art galleries.

We bring together the best representatives in each field and monitor the progress of work to ensure that your interior is executed flawlessly.

Completed projects-

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