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Author's supervision and FF&E-

From the moment you read this you will be a witness, a participant, as well as an inspiration, you will be, from now on, a part of not only the process, but a part of our story. Welcome.


1. Start of building works

We propose a tender of contractors and agree on the best option. Receive the construction schedule.

2. FF&E

We prepare a month-by-month procurement plan and prepare a monthly construction financing plan for you. We purchase all items one by one.

We take care of all communication with suppliers, logistics, complaints, coordination of details.

3. Author's supervision

We control the progress of construction for compliance with the project, timely point out disputes. We advise the builders on the drawings. If necessary, we promptly make changes to the drawings.

4. Final 

The end of the project is like a separate project. We will put all the smallest details together: we will control the hanging of curtains, the art, the arrangement of decor.

We will make a beautiful photo shoot with a top photographer, congratulate you on the housewarming and leave you to enjoy the sounds, smells and images of the new, only yours, wonderful House.

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