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The apartment is located in the heart of old Kiev, in a residential complex Yaroslaviv Grad.  The view from the window of the apartment opens to Lviv Square, the old beautiful architecture of the nearby houses. 
The apartment space is full of light and lightness.  Ukrainian national motives are carefully intertwined in the minimalist style of the interior, such as lamps over the dining table. 
In this project, preference is given to natural materials and natural color palette. Wood, clay, stone, natural fabrics. An interior in which you want to be grounded and relaxed.
Various lighting scenarios allow the use of space for different scenarios in the evening. From subdued concealed lighting for an intimate atmosphere to bright lighting and zoned spot lighting for welcoming guests.
The interior also includes a large number of built-in storage cabinets, a separate laundry room and a separate technical unit with water filters. All this is hidden from sight and the interior looks light and not cluttered.

Residential Interior design

year 2021

area 100 m2

location Kyiv, Ukraine

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