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Ville de Kinshasa-

The design of an apartment in the African city Kinshasa is an organic combination of classic and modern styles. In any eclectic combination, it is very important to follow certain rules of harmony and feel the interaction of all design elements in a single space. Classic motifs, such as decorative moldings on the walls and a classic parquet layout, in this project, as a white canvas, on which we then worked with expressive modern details - furniture, lighting, decor, textiles.

A distinctive feature of this solution is the integration of natural materials such as wood, marble, travertine, metal, as well as the subtle inclusion of local color in the form of a modern version of Moroccan openwork grilles, which ultimately gives the interior a special originality and uniqueness.

Residential Interior design

year 2019-

area 650m2

location Kinshasa, Kongo

in collaboration with Ohra Studio

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