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Vastu House-

The project of a private house, made in American classics with oriental motifs, chinoiserie and all kinds of stylistic elements. The design itself turned out to be complex and interesting in terms of creating a special aesthetics, tactility of materials and love for everything unusual on the part of customers.

The key point in the development of both the house architecture and the interior was compliance with the rules of the Vastu philosophy. In a nutshell, Vastu is the Vedic knowledge of organizing your home in harmony with the laws of Nature. If certain requirements are met, according to this teaching, only positive energy will enter the house, which will have a beneficial effect on the lives of the owners.

In the architecture of the project, this was reflected in the proportions of the plans and facades, the zoning of the premises and their functional purpose in accordance with the cardinal points. In the design, it influenced the placement of furniture, plumbing and color schemes in each room.

But as the customers themselves say: the most important rule of Vastu is no mess in the house. But it works even if you don't believe in Vastu at all.

Residencial Interior design

year 2019-

area 650m2

location Kyiv, Ukraine

in progress

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