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For this luxurious, minimalist villa, we used the most luxurious materials, furniture and lighting to create a dream home for our clients. Throughout the villa, we used natural tone and neutral light colour palettes, and included plenty of daylight, which plays well with the interior finishes. 
The interior styling tends towards a sensual minimalism, a softly enveloping atmosphere of understated luxury.  The interior is filled with modern furniture and decor, with small touches of safari and boho style. 

The beautifully spacious living room enjoys plenty of daylight through sliding window systems so there is quick access to a terrace. The dining area is positioned so that you can enjoy nature while dining, and the chandelier boldly asserts itself and draws attention, creating simplicity and elegance at the same time.
The master suite is a stylistic extension of the main spaces. There is plenty of light and tranquillity. Rooms are laid out so that one flows seamlessly from one to the other. The bedroom has access to the main terrace and the pool area of the house.  In the master bathroom we have installed a free-standing bath overlooking the green patio which offers a spa-like and sensational atmosphere.
The pool area of the house is also worth a look, where we have sought to create a relaxing paradise with various relaxation areas including the pool, dining room and lounge. The stylistics of the exterior seamlessly mimic the interior, so there is a sense of design continuity both inside and out. An elegant, relaxing atmosphere invites you to celebrate life.

Visualisation, Interior Design




in cooperation with Ohra Studio

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