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Na Gagarina-

This project is developed in the style of Scandinavian minimalism, aiming to combine simplicity and naturalness in the apartment. The design is based on a light palette, built on nuances and shades, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

Color palette: The primary color palette includes shades of white, blue, gray, and natural wood tones. These colors visually expand the space and create a sense of brightness and openness.

Natural materials: The project utilizes natural materials such as wood, bamboo, linen fabric, and wool. Wooden elements add warmth and natural beauty to the interior, while natural fabrics provide texture and comfort.

Furniture and accessories: The furniture is designed in a minimalist style with clean lines and simple forms. Light furniture colors create a sense of lightness. Accessories are kept to a minimum to maintain the purity of the design, but they may include natural textile pillows and rugs.

Maximizing natural light: Large windows and open floor plans allow for the maximum use of natural light. Day and night, this design creates a cozy atmosphere.

Functionality: The organization of the space is highly functional. Built-in storage furniture is used to save space, and open planning creates a sense of space and convenience.

This Scandinavian minimalism project will help create a unique interior atmosphere in Kharkiv, where color harmony, natural materials, and minimalist design will bring peace and comfort to the residents of this apartment.

Residential Interior design

year 2022

area 75 m2

location Kharkiv, Ukraine

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