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Faina Town-

The interior design project in the residential complex "Faina Town" in Kyiv, in a minimalist style with sculptural forms, is a design that combines modern elegance and artistic expression. The combination of minimalist elements and intricate sculptural forms creates a sense of harmony and sophistication.

In this project, minimalist colors are used - white, black, gray, and neutral tones for the walls, floors, and furniture. This gives the interior a sense of space and brightness. Simple lines and geometric shapes add a sense of austerity and cleanliness to the design.

Sculptural forms are reflected in delicate decorative details, such as sculptural lines in the lighting fixtures, artistic works on the walls, and unique furniture. These forms create interesting focal points in the interior and give it artistic expressiveness.

The minimalist design in "Faina Town" places an emphasis on functionality and comfort. Each element of the interior has its place and practical purpose, providing residents with a cozy environment for relaxation and development.

The overall atmosphere in the "Faina Town" interior reflects modernity and elegance, helping to create a sense of peace and harmony for the residents of this residential complex.

Residencial Interior design

year 2021

area 75m2

location Kyiv, Ukraine

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