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The interior design project "Minimalism with Ethno Touches" is a unique and elegant design for a residential space located in Koncha-Zaspa. It is designed for those who appreciate a minimalist style but wish to add ethnic elements and a contrasting dark color palette.

This project impresses with its modernity and meticulous attention to detail. Minimalism, which is the core concept of the design, emphasizes simplicity and clean lines, creating a sense of space and tranquility. Ethno touches bring a unique atmosphere and natural warmth to your interior.

One of the key features of the project is the use of a contrasting dark color palette. This gives the interior a bold and sophisticated look, creating a play of light and shadow that makes every corner special.

The interior design project "Minimalism with Ethno Touches" is a combination of modernity and tradition, created for you to enjoy the elegance of your home in Koncha-Zaspa. We carefully plan every aspect of the design, from furniture to decor, to ensure harmony and functionality in your living space.

Join us, and together, we will create an unmatched interior where minimalism and ethnic elements come together to form a unique world.

Residential Interior design

year 2019

area 275m2

location Koncha Zaspa, Ukraine

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