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This two-story apartment design project underscores elegance, modernity, and coziness, reflecting the style and needs of a young family that enjoys vibrant moments together with their children in their own non-verbal art-space.

The first floor accommodates an open kitchen, dining area, and living room. We utilize panoramic windows to maximize the emphasis on the city view. The walls are adorned with concreate stucco, creating a contrast with the natural wooden floors and furnishings. The furniture is crafted from high-quality natural materials: oak, leather, linen textiles. Recessed ceiling lights are installed to add depth and illuminate decor details.

The second floor houses the bedrooms and a children's room. The main principle is to maintain a sense of space and openness. We use neutral shades and deep colors to establish a serene ambiance. In the master bedroom, a large bed with a grey upholstered headboard and textile accents is placed. The children's room is designed in shades of gray and yellow with accents on wooden elements and graphic textiles.

Our concept creates an atmosphere of luxurious minimalism, where a feeling of openness and spaciousness prevails. Dark colors encourage focus on details and highlight the stunning panoramic city view visible through the windows.

Residential Interior design

year 2018

area 130 m2

location Kharkiv, Ukraine

Снимок экрана 2023-08-18 192334.jpg
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