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Modern Architecture: Creating a Sense of Space in the Interior of a Compact 45-Square-Meter Apartment


Today, urban architecture faces a constant challenge: how to maximize the use of limited space in a rational and aesthetically pleasing manner. The interior design project for a 45-square-meter apartment illustrates the uniqueness of contemporary architecture when dealing with the complex task of creating a functional and cozy living space within confined boundaries.

We have chosen a warm natural color palette that perfectly complements the abundant natural light flooding into the space. Shades of wood and natural textiles create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, providing the interior with a natural coziness.To infuse the space with dynamism, geometric prints have been incorporated into textile materials, cushions, and rugs. This interplay of forms and visual solutions adds interest and variability to the interior.


The primary challenge was to make the most efficient use of every square meter of the apartment. The project incorporates two separate sleeping areas—a small children's bedroom and a distinct sleeping zone with an adult wardrobe. The latter is complemented by sliding wooden partitions that allow for the reconfiguration of the space as needed.

The combination of the kitchen and living room creates an illusion of a larger space, thanks to well-thought-out furniture placement and rational planning. The bar counter serves not only as a dining area but also as a workspace for comfortable work or small family gatherings.

The bathroom impresses with its wealth of storage solutions, including capacious cabinets and shelves. Moreover, it features a shower with a seating bench, enhancing the comfort and convenience for users.

The interior design project for the 45-square-meter apartment is a realization of contemporary architectural trends, functionality, and style within limited space. The neutral warm color palette, geometric prints, and functional solutions play a key role in creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in this compact apartment

Residential Interior design

year 2019

area 45m2

location Irpin, Ukraine

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