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From the moment you read this you will be a witness, a participant, as well as an inspiration, you will be, from now on, a part of not only the process, but a part of our story. Welcome.


1. Agreement on the terms of cooperation and signing the Contract.

We work according to the contract, which specifies in detail all stages of work, conditions and terms.  The contract also includes a pre-filled brief from the Client.

Show us examples of related interiors and together we will choose the style of the future house. At this stage we discuss categories of furniture brands and agree on the budget of realization.

You can tell us in more detail about your dreams and wishes with the help of the brief-questionnaire. It is easy and pleasant.

2. Master plan

When planning the location of the house, we check the harmony, appropriateness and co-scale of the site and the planned building. We think through the nuances of the construction of the future house. Which rooms are better to place on the sunny side, and for which this moment is not fundamental. What angles will open up to you when you drive from the gates of the house to the entrance. Facade plasticity, rhythmicity of decorative elements, work with relief points - we thoroughly work out each element so that you enjoy not only the quality but also the aesthetics of your future home for many years.

3. Architecture

At this stage we analyze the architecture of the house. The first main task is to harmonize the layout of the interior and facade. We have already thought through the purpose of each room, taking into account the communication systems. The engineering component of the project will intangibly surround you with comfort. We will design a quality ventilation and drainage system. Do you dream of a smart home? We apply the most modern technologies and realize them competently.

We offer to consider several developments of the design and functionality of the house. This is a planning solution of residential, adjacent and technical premises. We will prepare several sketches, provide you with our expertise, tell you about the advantages of each option and help you choose the best one for you.

4. Exterior

The materials used for the exterior of a building have two main characteristics - aesthetic and technological. We will create a design that will maintain an attractive appearance for future generations of your family. We will realize it taking into account the combination and juxtaposition of facade elements that ensure their proper functioning. The materials will create additional comfort, keeping you warm in the cold season and providing additional coolness in the summer.


5. Technical drawings

We will draw every node, plan, element, detail. We design all the necessary documentation so that builders can erect a home that is exactly like the visualizations you are already in love with. Under our authorial supervision, this process will be as smooth and easy for you as possible.

6. Interior

We have already taken care of the layout of the rooms at the previous stages of work, so we immediately start stylistic design. This stage includes the development of collages, 3D-visualizations and a full set of working documentation for the implementation of the interior.

You can learn more about interior design in the section "Interior Design Project".

7. Realization

We control the construction of the house at every stage. Everything starts with the erection of the building. Then internal works follow: from communications to the realization of the interior. And the process is completed with landscape design.

Completed projects-

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