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It All Begins with a Conversation...


We believe in quality of life. For everyone, these words may have a completely different meaning, but for us it is your space, which changes your daily rituals to a little holiday.

Therefore, we strive to create spaces that are resistant to the passage of time. Adhering to the timeless position, it is important for us to look at the essence of things and processes, to look inside the Personality for which the environment is created.

Creativity. We believe that Creativity is more than being different. Creativity is being able to connect the incompatible.

Trends. The main trend of our spaces is happiness.

Cooperation. We believe that the best results are when you are part of the process.


Authenticity. We believe that Authenticity is what is inside you. It's not how it looks, it's how it feels.

... and most importantly, the whole process of working on the project is conducted so that for you it was a fun adventure and for us a clear verified structure.

Kateryna Senko

founder, interior architect



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